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If you have Denver solar panels, you probably noticed a correlation between how dirty they are, how long it’s been since they were cleaned, and how much energy they’re producing.

They were expensive, so you don’t want to “waste the sunlight” by not getting the power you expect.


Why Clean Your Denver Solar Panels?

A good way to look at this is, do your windows get dirty? Of course they do. If they do then your solar panels are probably very dirty. As I mentioned, dirty panels mean you’re not getting the return you are hoping for, from your solar panel investment.

As a long-term window cleaner, I know that windows that are neglected are much more difficult to get clean. Oftentimes impossible.

The same goes for your solar panels. Neglect them, and that’s money down the drain. Take care of them and they will continue to produce electricity for you, year after year.

Something to keep in mind, is your local outdoor environment. If you live in an area with lots of rain, (back East) or wind, (Denver, CO) you will need to clean your solar panels more often.


Benefits of Regular Cleaning

There are several advantages to regularly cleaning your solar panels:

Increased energy production:

Dirt, dust, and other debris, can block sunlight from reaching the solar cells, reducing their efficiency. Regular cleaning can help to remove the dirt and dust and allow the panels to absorb more sunlight, which can boost energy production by up to 30%.

Extended lifespan:

A buildup of dirt and debris can also lead to early wear and tear on the solar panels. Regular cleaning can prevent this and extend the lifecycle of your panels.

Improved warranty coverage:

Some solar panel warranties require consistent cleaning in order to remain valid. By keeping your solar panels clean, you’ll avoid voiding your warranty.

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Lower energy bills:

Clean solar panels means more electricity is being produced. Regular cleaning can help you to lower your electricity cost.

Reduced environmental impact:

Solar energy is a clean, and renewable resource.

Early detection of problems:

When you clean your solar panels regularly, you have a chance to examine them for damage or problems.


How to Clean Denver Solar Panels

Having climbed up on roofs to clean solar panels, this is what I recommend.

Recommendations are for flat roofs only. I don’t clean panels on slanted roofs.

When to do the work: Wait for a cloudy day if you can. Doing so will keep your soapy water from drying on a hot panel before you can squeegee it off.

Ladder: Have an extension ladder that can be extended well above the roof line. If you are climbing around on the roof the fact that the ladder is 4 or 5 feet above the roof line means it is easier and safer to get on and off a roof. Just step on to the ladder and climb down.

Sprayer: I would recommend hauling a one gallon sprayer filled with reverse osmosis water up on the roof with you. If the panels are too hot, spray them with the water before cleaning them.

Clean dry cloths: You will want to haul a bag of clean towels up the ladder. Use cotton cloths, nothing else, like cut up t-shirts.

Soapy Water: A bucket of soapy water with a window scrubber and squeegee in it.

Window cleaner in a spray bottle: My window cleaning spray formula is this: To a bit less than one gallon of distilled water, add 1/2 teaspoon of Dawn Dishwashing Detergent and 1/2 pint of 70% rubbing alcohol. Mix and put it in a spray bottle.

Cleaning the panels: Use the soapy wet scrubber to scrub the panel, then immediately squeegee the soapy water off. Use a towel to dry, paying close attention to the edges of the panel.

Now lightly spray the panel with the window spray and polish dry with a clean, dry cloth.

Done with one panel, dozens more to go.


The sun provides a lot of energy to your house, but your solar panels can’t use it if they’re grimy.

So, say goodbye to the dirt and hello to your window cleaner (Top Window Cleaning 720-400-6496).

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